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October 2, 2017 in Blog

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Hi All,

I’m a writer. There, I said it. Welcome to the October, 2017 Beautiful Minds Newsletter! Here’s some updates on creativity, well-being, and the mind from September. Enjoy!


Twice Exceptional: Supporting and Educating Bright and Creative Students with Learning Difficulties by Scott Barry Kaufman — Now available for pre-order on Amazon

Podcast Episodes

Rethinking Addiction with Maia Szalavitz

Meet Our New Executive Producer, Zoe Ziegler

“Questioning” the Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin

High Performance Habits with Brendon Burchard

Popularity and the Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World with Mitch Prinstein


Grit, Gratitude, and the Art of Sticking With It (with Caren Baruch-Feldman)

Everything You Know About Genius May Be Wrong (with Steven Johnson)

Why Slow Hunches Can Beat Fast Ideas (with Steven Johnson)

The Perks of Being an Older Adult (with Christina Pierpaoli Parker)

Building a Creative Workplace Is More Than Fun and Games (with Steven Johnson)


Accidental Genius | Darold Treffert | TEDxFondduLac
Wonderful TEDx talk by my friend and colleague Darold Treffert, who has done more than anyone else to bring understanding, compassion, and admiration to savants.

Habits of Creativity — 3-part series by OPEN Forum

  • Inspiring daily innovation
  • Creativity at work
  • Why networks matter

The Limits of the IQ Test  and How We Can Do Better

Study Alerts

The Role of Passion and Persistence in Creativity


I’m a writer. There, I said it.

Being Bored at Work Is Actually a Good Thing, Research Says

Opinion | You’ll Never Be Famous — And That’s O.K.

So Lonely I Could Die

The Existentialist Prepares to Die

“I placed too much faith in underpowered studies:” Nobel Prize winner admits mistakes

Grit or Quit?

The New IQ: Imagination Quotient

Kids Are Losing Playtime to Achievement. That’s a Problem.

In Most Schools, Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities Are Left Behind. Not Here.

There Is No One Way to Live a Good Life

Do Introverts and Extroverts See Reality Differently? (And What Does This Question Have to Do With Your Relationships?)

The Lessons of Leonardo: How to Be a Creative Genius

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