The Imaginative Mind

by Scott Barry Kaufman, July 27, 2016 in Blog

The Imaginative Mind Anna Abraham Abstract: The astounding capacity for the human imagination to be engaged across a wide range of contexts is limitless and fundamental to our day-to-day experiences. Although processes of imagination are central to human psychological function, they rarely occupy center stage in academic discourse or empirical study within psychological and neuroscientific […]

Donald Trump’s Real Ambition

by Scott Barry Kaufman, July 23, 2016 in Blog

I normally stay clear of psychologically profiling public figures. But when the writing is so clearly on the wall, when the stakes are so high, and when the data is so consistent, I am inclined to comment. With Trump, what I see is so clearly a textbook case of a metaphorical computer program running amok, […]

STUDY ALERT: Dynamic network interactions supporting internally-oriented cognition

by Scott Barry Kaufman, July 16, 2016 in Blog, Study Alerts

Dynamic network interactions supporting internally-oriented cognition Darya L Zabelina and Jessica R Andrews-Hanna Recent advances in systems neuroscience have solidified the view that many cognitive processes are supported by dynamic interactions within and between large-scale brain networks. Here we synthesize this research, highlighting dynamic network interactions supporting a less explored aspect of cognition with important […]

STUDY ALERT: The Impact of the Nomination Stage on Gifted Program Identification: A Comprehensive Psychometric Analysis

by Scott Barry Kaufman, July 6, 2016 in Blog, Study Alerts

The Impact of the Nomination Stage on Gifted Program Identification: A Comprehensive Psychometric Analysis Matthew T. McBee, Scott J. Peters, and Erin M. Miller The use of the nomination stage as the first step in the identification process is pervasive across the field of gifted education. In many cases, nominations are used to limit the number […]

Is Inspiration Contagious?

by Scott Barry Kaufman in Blog

“The central, final, inescapable fact is that inspired words create life in us because they are themselves alive.” — Cecile Maurice Bowra, Inspiration and poetry Is inspiration contagious? Do inspired works of art inspire the audience? There is a long tradition in the humanities that suggests it does. Plato once argued that inspiration is transmitted to the audience through the […]

Grit and Authenticity

by Scott Barry Kaufman in Blog

Success in accomplishing your goals requires grit: passion and perseverance over a long stretch of time. Grit requires constantly moving toward toward your north star– who you were meant to be–over the course of years, despite life’s inevitable trials and tribulations. This requires the capacity to ignore distractions, and to maintain one’s enduring purpose. But life is not only […]

STUDY ALERT: Childhood Intelligence Predicts Adult Trait Openness

by Scott Barry Kaufman in Blog, Study Alerts

Adrian Furnham and Helen Cheng This study used a longitudinal data set of 5,672 adults followed for 50 years to determine the factors that influence adult trait Openness-to-Experience. In a large, nationally representative sample in the UK (the National Child Development Study), data were collected at birth, in childhood (age 11), adolescence (age 16), and […]

The Creative Dilemma

by Scott Barry Kaufman in Blog

I am often torn between two extremes– inspiration and self-doubt. There are moments I feel I have stumbled upon a great truth, a new discovery. This enlivens my spirit and motivates me to further explore, and share. Explore and share. The deep drives of the artist. Yet, what happens when we explore, and discover that so […]

Can You Be Social AND Introspective?

by Scott Barry Kaufman in Blog

Sociability: Inclined to associated with or be in the company of others. Introspection: Observation of examination of one’s own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.; the act of looking within oneself. The fundamental human needs for connection and reflection enrich our lives, and infuse it with meaning and growth. However, we often treat the […]

Both Introverts and Extraverts Get Exhausted From Too Much Socializing

by Scott Barry Kaufman in Blog

Having an active social life is one of the strongest predictors of longevity and good health. Human connection is one of the most fundamental and important human drives. But it can also be our most tiring! Quick question: raise your hand if you ever get tired after talking to too many people. Did you raise your hand? Congrats: […]

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