STUDY ALERT: How does creative giftedness differ from academic giftedness? A multidimensional conception

October 4, 2016 in Study Alerts, Blog

Giftedness is a multifaceted concept that involves a wide range of inputs and outputs. Hence, there are many theories suggesting a multidimensionality of giftedness. The aim of the present paper is (a) to position giftedness in terms of the processes involved and (b) to propose a multidimensional conception in order to differentiate creative and academic giftedness. Creative giftedness is represented by a high ability to produce ideas that are original and valuable in a specific domain or in several domains of work. There are many arguments that set creative giftedness apart from other types of giftedness. First, some empirical and theoretical data suggest that creativity is a specific characteristic that is independent from intelligence. Moreover, high levels of creativity are explained by specific processes that are not involved in high academic achievement. Finally, some researchers have observed cognitive styles and personality traits that may explain the distinction between high academic performance and highly creative performance.

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