Steve Magness || Real Toughness

July 7, 2022

Today we welcome back Steve Magness who is a world-renowned expert on high performance. He has been a consultant on mental skills development for professional sports teams, including some of the top teams in the NBA. Steve is the co-author of Peak Performance, The Passion Paradox, and the author of The Science of Running. Collectively, his books have sold more than a quarter-million copies in print, ebook, and audio formats. His latest book is called Do Hard Things

In this episode, I talk to Steve Magness about real toughness. The prevailing narrative around achievement extols the merits of unrelenting resolve. To show vulnerability is to show weakness. According to Steve, the hyperfocus on external bravado is detrimental to performance and mental health. He outlines his four core pillars of resilience to replace our broken model of toughness. We also touch on the topics of stoicism, self-esteem, emotions, mindfulness, and sports psychology.

Website: stevemagness.com

Twitter: @stevemagness


  • Why machismo is so popular 
  • UFC vs artistic swimming 
  • Ditch the facade, embrace reality
  • Accept what you’re capable of
  • Know when to grit and when to quit
  • Listen to your body
  • Do hard things more efficiently
  • Steve’s 4-minute mile
  • Personal wins
  • Respond, instead of react
  • Transcend discomfort


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