Jared Kleinert on How Millennials are Changing the World

January 16, 2017

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Today on The Psychology Podcast, we discuss how the millennial generation is redefining success, breaking down barriers, and changing the world. Our Executive Producer Taylor Kreiss chats with Jared Kleinert, whose latest book features 75 vignettes from extraordinary millennials looking to impart practical wisdom on how to have a greater impact. We examine how these high performing individuals found their purpose, utilized their character strengths and leveraged exponential technologies to change the world for the better. It’s a fun and interesting episode for listeners looking to optimize their lives!

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Check out Jared’s book 3 Billion Under 30 here:  http://bit.ly/2jscFxF

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Jared Kleinert is an entrepreneur, TED and keynote speaker, and award-winning author who’s been named USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial” after spending years identifying and connecting hundreds of the world’s smartest and most talented Millennials. His first book 2 Billion Under 20 was voted the “#1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015” and his new book 3 Billion Under 30 explores how top-performers in the Millennial generation have achieved exponential success and impact in record time. He’s been featured by almost every major media outlet including Mashable, FOX, ABC, Washington Post, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, and others, and the United Nations has named him a “Champion For Humanity”.

Specializing in practical philosophy and positive psychology, Taylor Kreiss is a coach/writer on a mission to share the art and science of the good life. You can find his writing and get in contact on his Facebook Taylor Kreiss and at his website http://www.taylorkreiss.com/

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