I’m a really slow reader

December 23, 2015 in Blog

I’m a really slow reader. This used to be a real problem, such as when I had to take the SATs or take tests in school. But now I cherish my pace. What I’ve come to realize about myself, which was never appreciated in school, is that I’m a mindful reader. I treat every sentence as my favorite new culinary delight. I enjoy the process of reflecting, deconstructing, and synthesizing. I like mixing and matching ideas from the written paper with my deeply personal storehouse of memories and experiences. Sometimes it may take me 20 minutes to read a single page of text, which can appear as though I am a very slow learner. But the flow of the experience makes it *feel* like only a second has gone by. What a delightful personal experience! I truly wish children were given more autonomy to develop their inner subjective experience.

One Response to “I’m a really slow reader”

  1. Annie says:

    Thank you! A voracious reader, but a slow one. This made my day. I struggled so often with tests as a student.

    Also enjoyed your most recent interview on WHYY. Are you familiar with Dr. Ellen Langer? She gives THE best definition of mindfulness-from a scientific base. No meditation needed. There is a wonderful interview with her on On Being with Krista Tippett.
    I’ve read so many descriptions on and procedures on how to be mindful. She just gives the simple answer of paying attention.

    Thank you for all the work you are doing.

    Annie Thomas
    McLeod, MT