Beautiful Minds Newsletter [August, 2017]

July 30, 2017 in Blog

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Hi All,

Welcome to the August, 2017 Beautiful Minds Newsletter! Here’s some updates on creativity, well-being, and the mind from July. Enjoy!

Podcast Episodes

Aging Meaningfully with Christina Pierpaoli

Awakening Compassion in the Workplace with Jane Dutton and Monica Worline

Strengths-Based Parenting with Lea Waters

The Latest Science of Attachment with R. Chris Fraley


How a Special Education Student Became an Ivy League Professor (with Michael Gervais)

Study Alerts

Physiological correlates and emotional specificity of human piloerection

Being present: Focusing on the present predicts improvements in life satisfaction but not happiness

If, why, and when subjective well-being influences health, and future needed research

Is there a “Flynn effect” for personality?


School Are Missing What Matters About Learning– Curiosity!

How Can We Cultivate Grit and Imagination in the Classroom?

The Science of Passionate Sex

The emotions that make us more creative

Is tranquility right for everyone? 

How creativity frees the mind

The comedy imagination retreat examines human creativity through a comedic lens

Accepting your darkest emotions is the key to psychological health

What a ‘Transcendent Experience’ Really Means

Podcasts we’re listening to right now

How to stop being a pushover

Mental illness is common, but long-lasting mental illness is rare

This new species of AI wants to be “super intelligent” when she grows up

7 secrets that will make you build good habits

Down with extremes!

Your brain treats a blink like a tiny nap

Penn interactive map shows community traits built from more than 37 billion tweets

The extraordinary reason exceptional people avoid mediocre friends

A new study tries to unpick what makes people happy and sad

Burnout at work isn’t just about exhaustion. It’s also about loneliness

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