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High Performance Habits with Brendon Burchard

by Scott Barry Kaufman, September 19, 2017

“What are the deliberate habits I can do consciously and consistently to keep getting better?” — Brendon Burchard This week I’m delighted to welcome Brendon Burchard to The Psychology Podcast! After suffering depression and surviving a car accident at the age of 19, Brendon faced what he felt were life’s last questions: “Did I live […]

“Questioning” the Four Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin

by Scott Barry Kaufman, September 13, 2017

“This looks at one question: how do you respond to expectations?” — Gretchen Rubin This week we’re delighted to have Gretchen Rubin on The Psychology Podcast! Gretchen is the author of several books, including the blockbuster New York Times bestsellers, Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. She has an enormous readership, both in print and online, and her books have […]

Meet Our New Executive Producer, Zoe Ziegler!

by Scott Barry Kaufman, September 7, 2017

Who is Zoe Ziegler? A 19-year old idealist hailing from River Vale, NJ (which, fun fact, is also the hometown of legendary economist Tyler Cowen) and currently residing in Philadelphia attending the Wharton School. She is also a podcast enthusiast, behavioral economics nerd, amateur philosopher, and aspiring change-maker. Why do you like podcasts so much? […]

Rethinking Addiction with Maia Szalavitz

by Scott Barry Kaufman, September 6, 2017

“Addiction is not a sin or a choice. It’s also not a chronic brain disease.” – Maia Szalavitz This week we’re glad to welcome Maia Szalavitz to the podcast! Maia Szalavitz is one of the premier American journalists covering addiction and drugs. She is a co-author of Born for Love and The Boy Who Was Raised as […]

Science and Skepticism with Michael Shermer

by Scott Barry Kaufman, August 30, 2017

This week we’re excited to welcome Dr. Michael Shermer to The Psychology Podcast. Michael is the publisher of Skeptic magazine, a New York Times bestselling author, and a monthly columnist for Scientific American. He has also been a college professor since 1979 and is currently a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University, where he teaches Skepticism […]

Why Buddhism is True with Robert Wright

by Scott Barry Kaufman, August 13, 2017

This week we’re excited to have Robert Wright on The Psychology Podcast. Robert is the New York Times best-selling author of Nonzero, The Moral Animal, The Evolution of God, and most recently Why Buddhism is True. He has also written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Time, Slate, and The New Republic, and has taught […]

Growing Grit in Teens with Caren Baruch-Feldman

by Scott Barry Kaufman, August 9, 2017

Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman is a clinical psychologist, certified school psychologist, and author of The Grit Guide for Teens. She’s also authored numerous articles and workshops on topics such as cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, helping children and adults cope with stress and worry, helping people change, and developing grit and self-control. In this episode of The […]

Real Love with Sharon Salzberg

by Scott Barry Kaufman, August 2, 2017

Sharon Salzberg is a NYT best-selling author and teacher of Buddhist meditation practices in the West. She also cofounded the Insight Meditation Society and is the author of 9 books, the most recent being Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection. In this episode of The Psychology Podcast, we get to learn about why Sharon […]

Aging Meaningfully with Christina Pierpaoli

by Scott Barry Kaufman, July 21, 2017

I’m really excited to have Christina Pierpaoli on the podcast. Christina is a graduate student in the Geropsychological doctoral program at the University of Alabama. Her research explores associations between chronic illness and psychological health in older adults, and she is by all accounts a rising star in the field of psychology. For our listeners who may […]

Awakening Compassion in the Workplace with Jane Dutton and Monica Worline

by Scott Barry Kaufman, July 19, 2017

Today I’m really excited to have Monica Worline and Jane Dutton on the podcast, co-authors of the new book Awakening Compassion at Work: the Quiet Power That Elevates People and Organizations. Monica Worline, Ph.D., is founder and CEO of EnlivenWork. She is also a research scientist at Stanford University Center for Compassion and Altruism Research […]

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